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Nerding out

Over the summer, we won a Wisdom Panel DNA test when Oh My Dog! did a giveaway.  We didn’t manage to use it early enough to test out Eddie, but we finally sent it in this week. And, um, I … Continue reading

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This one time, we moved.

Hi, remember when I used to actually post on this blog every once in a blue moon? Me neither.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past 1 1/2 months and finally started to catch … Continue reading

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Sounds of a Hound

While Gambit is a purebred shelter mutt, we’ve always been pretty certain Gambit’s breed mix includes a bit of cold nosed coonhound.  His instincts, build, personality, expressions, bright mind, and vocal tendencies are all strong indications.  Side by side, he … Continue reading

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Poker Face

Gambit’s expressions are something else.  He has his signature silly look that is suitable for many occasions, but overall, our hound definitely never hides his mood! Do you think Gambit’s face would be a dead giveaway in a game of … Continue reading

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Leave It

“Leave it” is probably my favorite obedience command for the dogs.  Food on the table, a toy they’re trying to eat, something they want to investigate on the ground – it works for just about anything.

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Hound jail

The hounds had to be separated sometimes for logistical purposes.  They made it quite clear that they were not fans of this!

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Soprano solo

As I’ve mentioned before, Nellie sings. We did teach her to sing on command, but it lasted for only a day because she would get too excited. Then, instead of singing a pretty tune, Nellie made any noise she chose. … Continue reading

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Visiting Smelly Nellie

At the end of May, we made a road trip to our hometown to attend family and friends’ major life events.  With Rusty and Gambit in tow, this meant it was back to having the two of them and Nellie … Continue reading

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Hush, Hound

It’s no secret.  Hounds are noisy.  Really, really noisy. Nellie was no exception. “Ba-roo-roo-roo. Ba-roooo-roo-roo.” This was the noise that we heard day and night for the first few weeks with Miss Smelly Nellie Belly, in addition to some little … Continue reading

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Little Ann… I mean, Nellie.

I’d read about them in Where the Red Fern Grows long ago.  Being from the north, we had never seen one in real life.  But we sure were enthusiastic about the idea of owning a redbone someday.  At one point … Continue reading

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