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Toys from Space

When I learned that Kong had a new toy out from a Facebook post by Pitlandia, I knew the dogs were going to need to get it eventually. Besides looking quite a bit different from most food toys, it’s also … Continue reading

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Gambit vs. Chip Clip

Did you know that if you open a chip clip, it looks reminiscent of an open mouth on a statue? We certainly didn’t.  Then this happened.

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Dear Easter Bunny

Is this where you keep all the jelly beans?  Or at least your Pennsylvania stash? Love, Nellie the Redbone Coonhound

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Field bred or show bred?

Recently, I learned that there can be major differences within a breed depending on the purpose for which a dog is bred.  Of course, dogs are bred to be companion animals as well.  More on those differences can be found … Continue reading

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