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Name that dog

Someone enjoyed this cuddle with Ugly Boy.  Can you guess who it is?

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Eddie fo Freddie’s guide to enjoying the couch

  1) Look cute and get permission to hop up on the couch.  Jumping up without asking results in getting kicked off.  Boo. 2) Throw your butt up in the air like you just don’t care. 3) Rub your face … Continue reading

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Couches are for napping

Our half eaten couches and their shredded covers are, of course, a well-loved spot in our home.  The couches are where we watch TV, sit to get out of the way of playing dogs, check our e-mail, play games, and … Continue reading

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At War with the Couches: Part II

We had two months of puppy teething with Nellie.  Two whole months of chew toys, ice cubes, and rubbing gums against toys.  Two months of wondering when the couches were going to get hit next.  Gambit and Moca had already … Continue reading

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At war with the couches

It started with the ties on the couch covers.  They were always a favorite forbidden chew toy, but the dogs learned to respect our crazy notion that the ties must be left alone. The details of what happened are a … Continue reading

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