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Toys from Space

When I learned that Kong had a new toy out from a Facebook post by Pitlandia, I knew the dogs were going to need to get it eventually. Besides looking quite a bit different from most food toys, it’s also … Continue reading

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Master of temptation

I’ve mentioned before that we love the “leave it” command. Walking ten feet to get something out of the fridge only to find that the food you left has been swiped is no fun, not to mention potentially dangerous for … Continue reading

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Dear Easter Bunny

Is this where you keep all the jelly beans?  Or at least your Pennsylvania stash? Love, Nellie the Redbone Coonhound

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Squirrel Dude

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Eddie’s new BFF Big Yellow Ball, which we obtained when the boys finally broke the Purple Egg and Treat Ball.  Since our Wobbler is on its’ way out too, we also got the … Continue reading

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Professor Dog Monday #4

Someday, I will become creative.  Today is not that day.  As usual, thanks go to Gambit’s aunt for the caption. Have a great idea for a Professor Dog Monday caption?  Leave a comment, and your caption might be featured on … Continue reading

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Two ingredient treats

The boys and I decided it would be a good idea to make some treats.  Unfortunately, I forgot to inform them that the treats were actually for Spittoono and not last night’s dinner. I settled on these, because dog treat … Continue reading

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Play with your food

This is our third day of over 100 degree weather.  The heat isn’t so bad as the ground ozone levels.  When I go outside, I feel like I’m breathing in more ozone than oxygen by a long shot. Fortunately, unlike … Continue reading

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