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Doing their share

Recently, we had some rewards points to use at Amazon and there are loads of household goods I would love to get.  Naturally, almost everything we ordered was for the dogs.  This was partially because we didn’t want to add … Continue reading

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Working for the beach

Our beach trips normally start by early April, but the weather has not been on our side lately.  During this year’s wintry and rainy spring, we managed to find one nice day for a lake trip.  The prep work for … Continue reading

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While this may seem like a normal thing for a dog to do, it was a huge discovery for Eddie.  This 2-3 year old dog transformed into a giant puppy for an afternoon!

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Winter Beach Day

Last weekend stayed rainy and dreary until Sunday afternoon.  The drizzle broke and it reached 70 degrees, so of course we had to head over to the lake to wear out the dogs a bit!  It turned out to be … Continue reading

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Rusty’s Play Date

The morning before Day 3 of Spittoono, Rusty had a serious conversation about his future with my family. The most important concern was the fact that his foster grandparents’ voices were coming out of this strange plastic box. On Saturday, … Continue reading

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Let’s go downee ocean, hon

Recently, the boys got to hop in my Mary Poppins car and go to the shore with Nellie. Okay, Rusty and Gambit got to go to the beach.  Edwin got to hang out in the house and yard since there … Continue reading

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Gambit loves laying in the sun. Fortunately, Gambit’s grandaddy and his granddaddy’s neighbor built a big deck for him to commandeer. When given the options of a shady tree or a spot in the sun, Gambit will choose the sun … Continue reading

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Just checking our eyelids for light leaks

The boys had an exhausting day today between swimming and walks. Due to a number of factors, recently we’ve struggled to exercise them as much as we would like.  Since today was a balmy 84 degrees with low humidity, the … Continue reading

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Beach Bum

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Summer at the lake

We’re lucky enough to live near one of several large lakes built as reservoirs.  This gives us easy access to beat the southern summer heat while exercising the dogs. Last summer, we went to the beach several times a week.  … Continue reading

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