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Screens are for sissies

When it’s cool outside, we like to leave the doors open to bring fresh air in and prevent our carpets from starting to smell like dogs live here.  The dogs enjoy it, since it means they get two vantage points … Continue reading

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Gambit loves laying in the sun. Fortunately, Gambit’s grandaddy and his granddaddy’s neighbor built a big deck for him to commandeer. When given the options of a shady tree or a spot in the sun, Gambit will choose the sun … Continue reading

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Alternative ways to sleep on a dog bed

Sometimes, the usual cuddling up or stretching out on the dog bed just doesn’t cut it. If your foster brother is sleeping under his beds, just call it a bunk bed and pile on top of him.

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Visiting Smelly Nellie

At the end of May, we made a road trip to our hometown to attend family and friends’ major life events.  With Rusty and Gambit in tow, this meant it was back to having the two of them and Nellie … Continue reading

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In high school, I always worried if I couldn’t get home before a thunderstorm hit.  Daisy was terrified of thunderstorms and there was always an interesting mess to clean up if no one was home- although she did make sure … Continue reading

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Dog tags

Daisy was a pro at losing her tags.  We finally gave up on ordering tags and had a military dog tag made at an amusement park, figuring it was just going to get lost anyway.  She managed to keep those … Continue reading

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Couches are for napping

Our half eaten couches and their shredded covers are, of course, a well-loved spot in our home.  The couches are where we watch TV, sit to get out of the way of playing dogs, check our e-mail, play games, and … Continue reading

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Make a Face

Gambit has a signature facial expression. He regularly lifts one side of his lip, and occasionally lifts both sides.  Sometimes it gets stuck like that.  This can happen many times per day. Some of the fosters, including Rusty and Nellie, … Continue reading

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Nellie needs a home

So once all the roadside puppies were adopted and things were back to normal, Nellie still didn’t have a home.   She was my dad’s dog and she was drawn to him, but she still headed home as a foster. … Continue reading

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Trunk full of dogs

One weekend, we had to make a very brief last-minute trip home.  During this trip, we were staying with my parents and my mom requested that we bring the fosters rather than taking them to the puppy yard. Taking into … Continue reading

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