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Make a Face

Gambit has a signature facial expression. He regularly lifts one side of his lip, and occasionally lifts both sides.  Sometimes it gets stuck like that.  This can happen many times per day. Some of the fosters, including Rusty and Nellie, … Continue reading

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The day of seven dogs

So on the way home from our quick trip up North, we had to rely on the dogs to be patient due to both ridiculous post-Thanksgiving traffic and my intermediate pipe’s decision to fall apart into three pieces.  My husband … Continue reading

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Learning to Trust

Teaching two puppies how to behave in a home at the same time proved to be a challenge.  Adding to the challenge was the returned little boy’s fear of people.  Porky, by the way, was quickly dubbed “Rusty.” Because Rusty … Continue reading

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When I got home from work and met Nellie, I learned the animal hospital had called earlier that day to see if we would want to foster a puppy returned that day or stick with Nellie. Since we had already … Continue reading

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Once Moca was adopted, Gambit spent a short time as an only dog.  He enjoyed having all the attention to himself, but was just mopey enough that I took pity on him and allowed him on the bed. After a … Continue reading

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Bringing home Moca

Once Gambit’s kitten found a home, we were back to looking into fostering.  After doing some research, my husband found a nearby animal hospital that ran an adoption program for cats, dogs and even rabbits.  This animal hospital does a … Continue reading

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“Can we get a dog now?”

In one summer, I got married, moved several hundred miles from home, and my husband started grad school.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the time to get a new pet. At this point, Daisy was no longer with us and … Continue reading

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