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Doggie Sports

Our dogs don’t take part in real dog sports.  I would love to do agility training with Gambit.  It’s just not in the cards at the time being, and neither is pseudo-agility training since we don’t have a sufficient yard and … Continue reading

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Last night, it actually cooled off a bit without raining, so Gambit and I took a little trip to the dog park.  He hasn’t gotten to play with other dogs much since Rusty moved out.  Eddie isn’t quite sure how … Continue reading

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New things

On Day 1 of Spittoono, Rusty wasn’t entirely sure what to think.  It was a new place with lots of people, a loud sound system, tents, food stands, and more. His task was to walk around the grounds, but he … Continue reading

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Fenced Yard Fun

While Nellie behaves wonderfully off leash, it’s rare for our boys to have the opportunity to run free. During the winter, Gambit and Rusty spent time at the dog park almost daily.  In an area where it’s sunny and warm … Continue reading

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Splish splash

While Gambit has seen the ocean before, the rest of the dogs hadn’t.  Actually, Nellie had only seen creeks, since it was too cool for the lakes when we fostered her. Nellie loved running around in the waves! She also … Continue reading

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Rusty loves the Kyjen Hide-A-Bee bees.  We just got him the refills since Gambit would just destroy the hive, but the bees are perfect for Russ. They’re stuffed. They squeak. They’re the perfect size. They can be tossed and carried … Continue reading

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Just checking our eyelids for light leaks

The boys had an exhausting day today between swimming and walks. Due to a number of factors, recently we’ve struggled to exercise them as much as we would like.  Since today was a balmy 84 degrees with low humidity, the … Continue reading

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Time heals many wounds

During Rusty’s time with us, he has made more progress than we initially thought would be possible.  While interaction with other dogs and acting  as his leaders during the first few weeks benefited him a great deal, he continued to … Continue reading

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At war with the couches

It started with the ties on the couch covers.  They were always a favorite forbidden chew toy, but the dogs learned to respect our crazy notion that the ties must be left alone. The details of what happened are a … Continue reading

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“I want to be a cow when I grow up.”

Opposites attract, so Gambit and Moca quickly became the best of friends. Gambit has always been assertive though not aggressive in his quest to establish dominance, and Moca was extremely submissive.  Stubbornness has always been an obstacle in Gambit’s training … Continue reading

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