Learning to play

In his time with us, Edwin has learned to roughhouse with his foster dad, catch and fetch.

He has developed a love of tennis balls, rope balls, a West Paw Zogoflex ball,the stuffed balls that used to be on a John Deere rope toy, any round toy, and just to throw some variety in there, disc-shaped toys and stuffed toys with avoidable squeakers.

But despite Gambit’s desperate efforts, including frequent play bows, Eddie had never wanted to play with him – only with his humans.  Eddie’s typical response is to do a very exaggerated “elevator butt” move, drop one side of his face to the floor, bark, and lay down.

But this week, without provocation, Edwin did something completely out of the blue.

He walked into the living room where Gambit and I were hanging out on the couch, made his elevator butt move, dropped his face to the floor, barked, and….

ran out of the room!

The chase only lasted a minute or two due to Gambit’s uncertainty about whether his foster brother really, finally wanted to play, but Edwin instigated a game of tag all on his own.

It has not happened since, but that little game of tag was huge progress for Eddie!

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7 Responses to Learning to play

  1. This is so exciting. I truly get how amazing these seemingly small “break-through” moments are. I hope it’s the start to many, many more. Congratulations on the fabulous work you are doing

  2. What a glorious moment! I remember the first time Rufus felt comfortable enough to play with another dog, I almost exploded haha. Progress is a wonderful thing! Way to go, Eddie.

    • I’m not sure if he’ll ever like any dog besides Gambit or Rusty, but if he tries to play again I’m sure Gambit will be quite happy.

      • Rufus seems to be similar – he likes dogs that he TRUSTS, but he doesn’t warm up to new dogs very quickly.

      • Yes – Edwin has only warmed up to those two. His first month here he was crated following heartworm treatment. In his crate only for the first week, then occasionally tied to a chair or couch under supervision after that, so he had time. He was around Nellie for a month this summer and never became okay with her, although we didn’t have a crate for the first week and they got off to a bad start.

  3. Pitlandia says:

    Way to go Edwin! That is so exciting! I look forward to hearing if he initiates any more play in the coming weeks =)

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