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Shaking it off

If you’ve followed my flurry of posts this week, a lot has been going on here, but we’re shaking it off and continuing on our way. Edwin was fantastic on the car ride home yesterday.  Over the summer, we worked … Continue reading

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And we’re back.

So we’ve got bad news, but we’ll make the best of it.  It turns out I spoke too soon. This morning, we called Crossroads to make sure they had time for us to come look at a couple dogs we … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Edwin

Eddie is looking for has found his forever home but we decided not to cancel this post since it was the last one pre-scheduled.  However, there are still lots of adoptable cats, dogs, and horses at Crossroads!

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A day like no other

So, has everyone guessed what I was talking about yesterday? It’s the best and worst day of fostering for a foster parent and a time of transition. Specifically, it’s the day a foster dog finds it’s forever home. Guess who … Continue reading

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The best and worst part of fostering

Anyone who’s fostered animals probably knows exactly what I mean without reading further. There is one day of fostering that makes a foster parent want to jump for joy and go curl up in a bleary-eyed ball all at once. … Continue reading

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Professor Dog Monday #12

Truthfully, though, Gambit is obsessed with cats and we can’t say “kitty cat” without him becoming upset that there’s not one present.  Unfortunately, most cats are not into hounds who are thrilled to see them. Have a great idea for … Continue reading

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Big yellow ball

Recently, two of the boys’ food toys broke.  Since I was looking for good deals on new food toys, one of the toys we replaced them with was a JW Treat Puzzler. It’s a soft rubber ball and has a … Continue reading

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