Edwin is a big, friendly two- to three-year-old black lab mix that Crossroads pulled from the shelter for heartworm treatment in March 2012.  Thankfully, he is now heartworm free, healthy and happy.

He is a strong 70 lb boy with beautiful light brown, almost orange, eyes who likes to pose and walk like a runway model.  At home, he is very laid back and will happily snooze on the couch for hours.  Outdoors, he makes a great running partner and is good at keeping pace.

Edwin is eager to please his human.  He has learned sit, sit pretty, stay, down, come, drop, touch, crawl, and roll over.  Eddie is strongly food motivated, so currently he is working on perfecting his basic obedience training with less use of treats.  He is crate trained and housebroken.  If he needs to potty, he will bark when asked if he wants to go outside.

His favorite hobbies include going for walks, runs, swimming, catching tennis balls, avoiding the squeakers while chewing stuffed stuffed toys, and convincing grown men to speak to him in high pitched voices.

Edwin has loved nearly every person he’s ever seen.  He has lived with two other dogs, and should be able to do so again with a proper and patient introduction.  Eddie up-to-date on basic vaccinations plus kennel cough and leptospirosis vaccinations through February 2014.

An experienced dog owner who enjoys running with their dog or training would be a good fit for Edwin.  If you are interested in adopting Edwin, please contact Crossroads Animal Rescue to set up a time to meet him.

Eddie’s Petfinder profile

All About Edwin:
Part I: Personality
Part II: FAQs
Part III: Training


7 Responses to Edwin

  1. What a lovely dog. Thank you so much for rescuing him. I don’t see a date on this post. Is he still in need of a forever home? Deborah

  2. Thanks for your rescue of this beautiful black dog. I sent out a tweet for him. What date did you post this? Has Edwin found a home yet?

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