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Heart Spaghetti

There was a time when I never gave heartworm a second thought.  It was just something Daisy received a preventative for once a month along with her Frontline.  In all honesty, the Frontline always seemed like the more important of … Continue reading

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Just checking our eyelids for light leaks

The boys had an exhausting day today between swimming and walks. Due to a number of factors, recently we’ve struggled to exercise them as much as we would like.  Since today was a balmy 84 degrees with low humidity, the … Continue reading

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Time heals many wounds

During Rusty’s time with us, he has made more progress than we initially thought would be possible.  While interaction with other dogs and acting  as his leaders during the first few weeks benefited him a great deal, he continued to … Continue reading

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Downtown Dog

Gambit does well on walks downtown. The scents downtown tend to head straight down the sidewalk, and if they don’t, he’s stopped by closed doors anyhow.  When people stop to pet him or reach out a hand for him to … Continue reading

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Couches are for napping

Our half eaten couches and their shredded covers are, of course, a well-loved spot in our home.  The couches are where we watch TV, sit to get out of the way of playing dogs, check our e-mail, play games, and … Continue reading

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Pretty little Nellie continued singing her songs for us for several weeks after she found her human and a couple of weeks once she officially had a new home.  She also finished teething, and became much more trustworthy with her … Continue reading

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Make a Face

Gambit has a signature facial expression. He regularly lifts one side of his lip, and occasionally lifts both sides.  Sometimes it gets stuck like that.  This can happen many times per day. Some of the fosters, including Rusty and Nellie, … Continue reading

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Unlike the human members of the household, Rusty loves mornings. When Rusty, Nellie and Gambit were separated at night, Rusty thought mornings were the best thing ever invented. Better than food, better than squirrels, better than other dogs. Every morning, … Continue reading

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Nellie needs a home

So once all the roadside puppies were adopted and things were back to normal, Nellie still didn’t have a home.   She was my dad’s dog and she was drawn to him, but she still headed home as a foster. … Continue reading

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The day of seven dogs

So on the way home from our quick trip up North, we had to rely on the dogs to be patient due to both ridiculous post-Thanksgiving traffic and my intermediate pipe’s decision to fall apart into three pieces.  My husband … Continue reading

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