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Gambit vs. Chip Clip

Did you know that if you open a chip clip, it looks reminiscent of an open mouth on a statue? We certainly didn’t.  Then this happened.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Doorframe Cuddles

  Sometimes, one of the boys will behave in a way that bothers me and is slow to change, like barking at a bird that apparently lives behind our building or barking at a new neighbor as they walk to … Continue reading

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Master of temptation

I’ve mentioned before that we love the “leave it” command. Walking ten feet to get something out of the fridge only to find that the food you left has been swiped is no fun, not to mention potentially dangerous for … Continue reading

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Game piece munching

One of the difficulties with living in a small space is that our table is not large enough for most board games.  Our coffee table is an antique railroad trunk that doubles as storage, and it’s not flat enough for … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Place

Sorry for the blurry photo (no fancy phone here!).  Edwin loved practicing “place” in class last night and sat happily as other dogs came into the room!  He even rolled around on his back for belly scratches when he got the … Continue reading

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Doing their share

Recently, we had some rewards points to use at Amazon and there are loads of household goods I would love to get.  Naturally, almost everything we ordered was for the dogs.  This was partially because we didn’t want to add … Continue reading

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Working for the beach

Our beach trips normally start by early April, but the weather has not been on our side lately.  During this year’s wintry and rainy spring, we managed to find one nice day for a lake trip.  The prep work for … Continue reading

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Wordless Almost-Wednesday: Cuddling with Big Yellow Ball

Eddie is looking for his forever home.  For more information on adopting Edwin, contact Crossroads Animal Hospital.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Statue Stranger Danger

Gambit is finally starting to learn that most statues with faces are not out to get him.  Like the guy that permanently chills on this bench on campus – doesn’t he look perfectly happy to sit with our Gamborino? The … Continue reading

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Self Control

One of the things we’ve been working on with Eddie is self control.  While he’s extremely laid back at home and will happily nap the day away, the prospect of food and going outdoors excite him greatly.  Thankfully, he has … Continue reading

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