Rusty is a joyful, medium sized, short legged, one-year-old brindle black and tan who has been with us since November 2011.  His breed mix probably includes some corgi, dachshund or other long bodied breed.

He is shy around new people but is making good progress and is beginning to go up to new people and let them pet him.  At home, Rusty is a very gentle, playful and happy boy.

He loves mornings, running, splashing in the lake, squeaky toys, cuddling and having his chin scratched.  The number of high fives or high tens he doles out correlates to his current level of thrilled.

Rusty heels well on leash and knows basic commands including sit, down, stay, off, leave it, don’t beg, go home, and speak.  Although he hasn’t spent much time with cats, he gets along very well with other dogs.

After having spent most of his short life in the adoption puppy yard or foster care, Rusty would love to have a forever home!  He is up to date on shots and heartworm preventative, neutered and has no adoption fee.

We believe Rusty would do well in a quiet, laid back home that doesn’t have a lot of new people visiting all the time so that he can get to know any regular visitors or an active home with few strangers and minimal raised voices or yelling.  He will come out of his shell more quickly in a multiple dog household but could also do well as an only dog.

If you’d like to set up an appointment to meet Rusty, ask about “Rusty” or “Porky” when calling the animal hospital.

Rusty on Petfinder

Update: In late August, Rusty braved the crowds, stands, and loud speakers at Spittoono in search of his forever home… and found it!  Rusty is still busy living the grad student life and even has a doggie roommate as his new best buddy.  We are thankful that he found a great home with someone who could see past his shyness to the wonderful dog he is with people he knows.


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