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Little Round Top

Gettysburg is much like the rest of Central PA, yet very different.  For me, hearing “Gettysburg” makes me think of a variety of things. Part of Route 30 that is typically well below the speed limit. Traffic to be avoided … Continue reading

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Game piece munching

One of the difficulties with living in a small space is that our table is not large enough for most board games.  Our coffee table is an antique railroad trunk that doubles as storage, and it’s not flat enough for … Continue reading

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Dear Easter Bunny

Is this where you keep all the jelly beans?  Or at least your Pennsylvania stash? Love, Nellie the Redbone Coonhound

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Foster Dog Crushes

I must admit, some pretty adorable canine faces grace the blog world. We’ve definitely had our fair share of cuteness at the CfB household. There’s Eddie with his striking eyes, and regal posture when he’s outdoors. Rusty is all-out adorable, … Continue reading

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Field bred or show bred?

Recently, I learned that there can be major differences within a breed depending on the purpose for which a dog is bred.  Of course, dogs are bred to be companion animals as well.  More on those differences can be found … Continue reading

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Doggie Sports

Our dogs don’t take part in real dog sports.  I would love to do agility training with Gambit.  It’s just not in the cards at the time being, and neither is pseudo-agility training since we don’t have a sufficient yard and … Continue reading

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Leave It

“Leave it” is probably my favorite obedience command for the dogs.  Food on the table, a toy they’re trying to eat, something they want to investigate on the ground – it works for just about anything.

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Nellie is shocked

Something so exciting happened at Spittoono that Nellie fell right off the deck when she heard the news. More on that soon!

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Fenced Yard Fun

While Nellie behaves wonderfully off leash, it’s rare for our boys to have the opportunity to run free. During the winter, Gambit and Rusty spent time at the dog park almost daily.  In an area where it’s sunny and warm … Continue reading

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Hound jail

The hounds had to be separated sometimes for logistical purposes.  They made it quite clear that they were not fans of this!

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