Telltale sign of a Couches for Breakfast foster

In the CfB household, most of our fosters have one thing in common:

They love, love, love to tear up furniture, dog beds, or blankies.

Examples: This and this and this and plenty more. Let’s just say I’ve come to peace with the fact that we should probably avoid replacing our 90s floral couches with shredded covers indefinitely and it may be years until Gambit gets a cushy bed that doesn’t have to be shared with the human residents.

Naturally, we came home to this after upgrading Spring from a blankie to a bed:


While Spring got demoted from beds to a thick pile of blankies in her crate, Gambit’s worn bed became a double-stuffed pillow fit for a prince.  We’re gonna ignore the fact that it’s got a huge chunk missing out of the corner from when Rusty decided he was an interior designer.

She’s lucky she’s so cute… and that we totally expect this kind of stuff to happen on the regular.



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1 Response to Telltale sign of a Couches for Breakfast foster

  1. Roberta says:

    I feel your pain. Friends just replaced, on Sunday, my worn out, dog torn, couch with an intact used one. Within 3 days, WillE, the new Bloodhound, had eaten out the center of a cushion. He is in the dog house :). I look at real dog beds and dream, using blankets and donated towels in pillowcases till “someday” I have dogs who won’t destroy. HA.

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