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A home for Moca

Eventually, Moca had been with us for close to three months. Moca’s sister was adopted two weeks after we brought Moca home.  We’d taken her to the puppy yard while we were out of town for two weeks in hopes … Continue reading

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At war with the couches

It started with the ties on the couch covers.  They were always a favorite forbidden chew toy, but the dogs learned to respect our crazy notion that the ties must be left alone. The details of what happened are a … Continue reading

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Summer at the lake

We’re lucky enough to live near one of several large lakes built as reservoirs.  This gives us easy access to beat the southern summer heat while exercising the dogs. Last summer, we went to the beach several times a week.  … Continue reading

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“I want to be a cow when I grow up.”

Opposites attract, so Gambit and Moca quickly became the best of friends. Gambit has always been assertive though not aggressive in his quest to establish dominance, and Moca was extremely submissive.  Stubbornness has always been an obstacle in Gambit’s training … Continue reading


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Bringing home Moca

Once Gambit’s kitten found a home, we were back to looking into fostering.  After doing some research, my husband found a nearby animal hospital that ran an adoption program for cats, dogs and even rabbits.  This animal hospital does a … Continue reading

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Gambit’s Kitten

While we were still looking into fostering, Gambit and my husband heard meowing coming from a bush in our neighborhood and decided to investigate.  They found a young, underweight kitten. While I spent time flea combing the kitten and my … Continue reading

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Attempting to foster

A couple of months after adopting Gambit, my husband was already pressing to get a second dog.  When his family had dogs during his childhood, they were always pairs.  I knew the vet bills for two dogs of about the … Continue reading

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“Can we get a dog now?”

In one summer, I got married, moved several hundred miles from home, and my husband started grad school.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the time to get a new pet. At this point, Daisy was no longer with us and … Continue reading

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The first rescue dog

There was never a day in my life where my family didn’t have one or more pets.  Cats, dogs, fish, hermit crabs, a couple sheep, even a rescue goat.  Some we sought out to adopt, but my parents’ house regularly … Continue reading

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