At war with the couches

It started with the ties on the couch covers.  They were always a favorite forbidden chew toy, but the dogs learned to respect our crazy notion that the ties must be left alone.

The details of what happened are a bit fuzzy.  Did we leave Moca and Gambit in the same room on one or two of these days, thinking they could be trusted together?  Did Moca knock down the baby gate separating the dogs?  Who knows.

Either way, we came home one day to find our loveseat, which had been at perhaps a 145 degree angle when we left, perpendicular to the couch. The couch ties were soggy and chewed.

Moca and Gambit had learned to rearrange the furniture.

They also learned physics, apparently. Smartypants.

This happened more than once but eventually ended.  Until they decided to go after the couch itself.

For some reason, my husband decided to look inside before opening the door.

“Oh, no.  You’re not going to like this.”

He opened the door and we were greeted by Moca, who was thrilled to see us.  Gambit, on the other hand, had his eyes on Moca.  His expression, clear as day, said “I told you we were gonna get in trouble for this.”

Not only had they ripped pieces of the couch covers, but they had torn a massive hole in one of the covers.  Through that hole, they removed a couch cushion and proceeded to tear it apart.

We’re pretty sure Moca was the one who instigated the destruction of the couches since Gambit was the one who was given access to them on a daily basis.  Gambit was clearly the one guilty of having consumed the couch foam, unsurprising since he gets stuffed toys for a grand total of 30 seconds at a time thanks to his love of stuffing.

And that is the story of the first time the dogs had the couches for breakfast.  Or what I can remember of it.


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  1. LOL oh man, they’re lucky they’re cute!

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