At War with the Couches: Part II

We had two months of puppy teething with Nellie.  Two whole months of chew toys, ice cubes, and rubbing gums against toys.  Two months of wondering when the couches were going to get hit next.  Gambit and Moca had already done their damage on the couches twice.

And then it happened.  Oh, it happened.

It was at least two cushions.  It may have been three.  Probably three.

There was couch foam everywhere, to a greater extent than the other two times the dogs decided to eat the couch or any of the dog bed episodes.

A third of one cushion was missing, and Rusty was sitting in the middle of it.  By now, we knew Rusty was very well-behaved and probably had nothing to do with it.

Smart little Nellie was even able to successfully unzip a cushion.  I almost felt like I should tell her good job for learning how to use a zipper.  Almost.

Someday, I hope to catch a dog still tearing into the couch so I can scold it.  Kind of like telling a dog it’s bad for messing in the house if it did so while the owner is gone, it would be pointless and just make them afraid of the mess but do nothing to stop the mess from being created.  Until then, we’re just working with preventative measures.

That day was when we finally admitted that Nellie needed to be crate trained, at least until she was done teething.


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