Almost Wordless Wednesday: Makeover

You may have noticed it already, but we have a nifty new banner.  For more funny designs, many of them animal related, take a look here.

My favorite designs that are online are the Creeptures greeting card line and drunk cat icons.  Both were designed as school projects so sadly, they are not available for purchase to my knowledge.


Drunk Cat Icons

Nellie and Rusty, who are featured in the banner, are no longer in our household, but together with Gambit they made up a wild trio of puppies!  If you’ve read some of the stories about how this blog got it’s name, you’ll realize that despite the humor in the design, it’s a realistic look at what our household looked like at the time.

It started with furniture being rearranged and chewed by Gambit and Moca, proceeded to bed chewing by Gambit and Nellie, and ended with further couch chewing by Gambit and Nellie.  I recently spent a few hours finally patching up our cushions.

I must say, we’ve learned to love crate training.  Also, Nellie and Gambit have both learned to leave the couches alone.

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3 Responses to Almost Wordless Wednesday: Makeover

  1. The new banner is so cute, I love it!

  2. mytwopitties says:

    Awesome banner!

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