Screens are for sissies

When it’s cool outside, we like to leave the doors open to bring fresh air in and prevent our carpets from starting to smell like dogs live here.  The dogs enjoy it, since it means they get two vantage points to watch people and animals go by instead of their usual one.

Unfortunately, sometimes a really exciting squirrel or bird will pass and a new or overly exuberant dog will try to put their paws up on the door.  As a result, they pulled a small bit of screen away from the frame and we knew we’d need to replace that before moving out.  If the door is open and something really awesome is outside, we just prop up the baby gate and they don’t barrel past it.

Today, we forgot to put up the gate and there was nothing exciting on the street.  Then our three-dog alarm went off.  When I went to turn it off, Rusty and Gambit were watching Dog TV through a screen that was much more clear than usual in some sections.

After a quick scan for Edwin, who sometimes chooses to snooze when Gambit and Rusty see something fun outside, I confirmed that he really did just jump through the screen door.

My half-shaved husband tossed on shoes to run after him while I followed with the leash.  After trailing Edwin, who was weaving between buildings and zipping through back yards, for 1/3 mile, my husband nabbed Edwin.  He would like to note that he did so quite heroically.

Occasionally, a dog will get their shot at freedom in a completely unexpected way, like jumping through a screen.  And unfortunately, not all dogs are great at off-leash behavior when outdoors.  Yet another reason dog tags are important!


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2 Responses to Screens are for sissies

  1. Hi, I nominated you for the lovely blog award!

  2. Yikes, scary! Back before we realized the extent of Cooper’s separation anxiety, he took a header out of a 8′ high window while we were out. Thankfully, he landed in our backyard, which is fenced in. Crazy dog! Glad everyone is safe and accounted for. 🙂

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