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Home project: crochet wreath

The pups and I did not love this winter’s well-below-average temperatures. Admittedly, Gambit enjoyed that it meant I got a huge, warm, fluffy trapper hat for walks.  He promptly decided it was his and gave me the saddest puppy dog … Continue reading

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Made in Germany

Gambit’s DNA test results indicate that he is a quarter Chow Chow, 1/8 of two other breeds, and half purebred shelter mutt. One of those other eighths was another breed we’re having difficulty seeing in him in terms of appearance, … Continue reading

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Tummy Trouble Treats

Whenever a dog is sick, I never seem to have any canned pumpkin or sweet potato on hand.  Okay, so we picked up sweet potato once, but it turned out to be in syrup which is a no go.  Last … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Royal Collar

Gambit is a princess.  We tell him that all the time – whether it’s because he’s mopey because it’s under 70 degrees, throwing a fit over the blinds being closed, refusing to come inside when it rains, crying incessantly as … Continue reading

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Almost moving day!

We are frantically working on our big leap of faith move, but I am happy to say that everything is coming together! Things have been insane here.  We traveled out of state with Gambit over the weekend and finally settled … Continue reading

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All About Eddie: Part I

Last week, I posted about our wish for Eddie to find his forever home in the next couple weeks and why we are unable to foster him any longer.  While I’ve been posting about Edwin for over a year, those … Continue reading

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Eddie in action: Leave It

While Gambit prefers to stare down a tempting treat, Eddie takes the route of pretending it isn’t there. Note: Click on the picture if the GIF doesn’t work, and it should load properly. Eddie is looking for his forever home … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Gambit’s napping spot

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Little Gremlin’s new home

Over the weekend, I got a few texts from the couple that had wanted to foster Little Gremlin until his owner was found and adopt him if no owner was found. They did end up adopting him and said he … Continue reading

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Shelter bound

On Wednesday morning, we’d had Little Gremlin for a day and a half.  Eddie hadn’t had free reign of the apartment in a day and a half.  He hadn’t sat at the window watching for groundhogs and cats in an … Continue reading

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