Pet “friendly”

Over the last two days, I’ve spent seven hours searching for a pet friendly hotel for an overnight trip we need to take this summer.  Eddie will probably stay at Crossroads.  It’s not the ideal situation since he’d be crated, but he is doing well around other dogs as long as he can be safe in his crate, has been fine there before, and might be noisy left alone in a new place.

The catches:

  • Unfortunately, we must go on one of the busiest weekends in that city, so one portion of the city with a lot of hotels is out and prices are jacked up on others ($200 for a Best Western and $100 for a Motel 6 before 17% taxes and pet fees, really?).
  • After a 9 hour drive, I will have to drop off my husband, check in, and go back to the event and we can’t do 2 nights.  This means the hotel needs to be within ~30 minutes of the event and we will likely need the option of early check-in.
  • Gambit will have to be left alone for several hours.
  • Our living situation is currently up in the air as we try to relocate so we can’t commit 100%.
  • I don’t board my animals, but it would not make sense in terms of cost even if I did.  We have a couple friends who I think could handle Gambit’s walks (he has a great heel until he sees a bird or squirrel… still working on that).  One is not comfortable having other dogs around his rescue dog and the other has a dog who can only happily tolerate Gambit’s playfulness for 30 minutes or less.

The term “pet friendly” is not up to par in this city:

  • No dogs over 25-50 pounds
  • No dogs left unattended or ambiguous policies on unattended dogs (“Absolutely no dogs left unattended. If this is completely unavoidable, must be crated on the day the room is serviced.”)
  • Potential to get kicked out if a dog barks
  • Dog fees as low as $10/night and as high as $100 for a 1-night stay


Out of 80+ pet “friendly” hotels in this city, I’ve found one potential place in our price range that is a half hour from the event, provided people in nearby rooms don’t make noises that provoke barking and Gambit doesn’t reach the higher end of his weight range.  At this point, I’m debating springing for a room at the Sheraton because they sound more pet friendly.

A large part of my frustration comes from the fact that we live near a pet-friendly hotel that is actually pet friendly, and that my family has traveled with dogs for many years without issue.  Usually pet friendly hotels are 1-2 star hotels or have a small fee, but such is life.  I’m also spoiled by living in a town where Gambit can go a lot of places with me.

Have you come across a budget hotel chain that is legitimately pet friendly?  I’m looking at Motel 6, Best Western, Days Inn, Holiday Inn, etc.  If I can find one, I will likely be loyal to them.  Okay, maybe not for this trip because hotel prices are jacked up, but after that.

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15 Responses to Pet “friendly”

  1. Remember Westin’s are always pet friendly

  2. mytwopitties says:

    How frustrating! Not sure about your living situation but I always have my pet sitters stay at my place so their routine is changed the least. My other thought but you’ve probably tried it is Super 8? We stayed at a Best Western with my mom’s german shepherd and we left her unattended sometimes. Good luck!

    • Super 8 doesn’t allow pets to be unattended. There were only 2 Best Westerns which I thought were usually reasonable, but they are $150 after taxes and pet fees for one, $200 before all of that for the other. Ouch. Maybe next time, though. We don’t have anyone to pet sit, unfortunately.

  3. I don’t know if you have any in your area, but we stayed at a few La Quinta Inns on our way out here. No pet charge and Rufus is about 50 lbs, and I don’t believe they had a limit. Rufus is super chill so we could leave him in the room without worrying about barking. Also, we always put a “do not disturb” sign on the door if we were out as I’m sure Rufus would be very startled by housekeeping. It worked really well for us. Hope that helps!

    • I’ll keep that one in mind! The La Quinta in the city we need to go to is more than I’m comfortable paying that weekend, but if it ends up being our best option then it is. Gambit’s healthy weight fluctuates on either side of the 50 lb range, but I think it’s currently under and his vet paperwork says it’s under, too. We always used the “do not disturb” signs with our previous dog if we were out during cleaning hours and it seemed to work well.

  4. fozziemum says:

    I don’t know how it works where you are,we either board our boys at a shelter i was a volunteer at as they also do boarding and the money goes to the shelter,i trust them with my boys as they do this for the right reasons and the animals welfare is always paramount.It is a 3 hour drive for us to get there though,so lots of potty stops etc.When we go away overnight we get the kids up to sit them and the cats (cats go into boarding too when needed at the same place) the local vets are usually a good source for finding house/pet sitters our vet nurse ven offers to come look after our pet sheep.I hope you find good a good solution,it can be frustrating.Our dogs can’t be with other dogs as they don’t like them so we have to be choosey 🙂

    • We’re in a high euthanasia region – definitely no room for boarding! Eddie will go to the vet clinic/rescue, but we don’t do that long term. He can’t go in the puppy yard so he has to be crated while he’s there. People really never had good experiences with boarding back home and the idea of it freaks me out! There is one my boss likes that I would use in an emergency, but otherwise, I know Gambit will be happiest with us. I think I’m going to bite the bullet on a hotel whose prices are doubled for the day of our trip – it will be the same cost as boarding/petsitting or less.

  5. fozziemum says:

    Fair call,i would never put my pets at risk either,luckily this shelter is awesome and always about the animals welfare..unlike others ..even in this country it’s not a good life for a lot of poor animals.
    At least with you he isin safe hands 🙂

    • Oh, the shelter is all about the animals, but unfortunately you have to have the community on board with taking advantage of spay/neuter programs, not breeding just to breed, staying up to date on heartworm preventatives, and only moving to pet friendly housing. They’re working really hard to reduce their euth rates, but just a look at animal intake vs. human population is disheartening.

  6. Roberta says:

    Don’t know where you are going but Drury is pet-friendly.

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