… with a curly tail

Since he reached adulthood, we’ve called Gambit a Dobie hound with a curly tail.

So, now that a DNA test did not find Doberman as one of the top five potential ancestors of Gambit’s 4 mixed breed great-grandparents, where might that tail have come from?

He recently did his best impression:


Do you see it?

The DNA test found Gambit to be 1/4 chow chow!  It was actually his primary breed, so maybe he’s a Chound?

I’m not convinced that’s the only place the tail may have come from, since theirs are folded over and not actually curled!  A lot of people say he must be chow due to his tongue, but all the chow tongues I’ve seen have been blue, not spotted black, and there are actually quite a few breeds that have spotted tongues. Food for thought.


What do you think, does he look like he could be 1/4 chow chow?


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8 Responses to … with a curly tail

  1. alfiethepap says:

    I don’t see the chow chow but who cares! Curly tails and spotted tongues are gorgeous, all doggies are 🙂 Such a handsome boy xx

  2. He’s adorable – whatever his mix. He’s the one and only, Gambit 🙂

  3. Gambit is of a breed of his own and very Handsome.

  4. Larry Murphy says:

    I often get “And what kind of dog is she?” to which I answer; “The waggy-tail kind”. Occasionally I also hear “What breed is she?”, the reply they get is “half whippet, half collie, half ferret.”. My favourite is “a border collie, is it?”…”no, it’s a wannabe badger.”

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  6. Tosha says:

    Hi, my doggie had the same color scheme and a curly tail, and her mom was fluffy and white, just like a chow! Your theory seems to be supported by my doggie! Here’s a photo of her: http://m.flickr.com/lightbox?id=8347477379

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