Made in Germany

Gambit’s DNA test results indicate that he is a quarter Chow Chow, 1/8 of two other breeds, and half purebred shelter mutt.

One of those other eighths was another breed we’re having difficulty seeing in him in terms of appearance, personality or instinct:


Meet Abbey, a German Shepherd rescue in the family.  Gambit’s never met Abbey because he doesn’t get to fly to the west coast in a cold, dangerous cargo hold.

Gambit’s DNA test indicates that he is 1/8 German Shepherd, and the top breed in his mixed breed portion is White Swiss Shepherd.

Intriguing.  Do you think Gambit seems like he could be (essentially) a quarter German Shepherd?


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3 Responses to Made in Germany

  1. Not sure but Gambit sure is 100% gorgeous! They both are 😉

  2. Whatever he is, he’s beautiful. Sorry I’ve been missing in action but working 7 days a week with my new shop. You are always in my thoughts and hopefully I’ll get the hang of the new routine soon

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