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Made in Germany

Gambit’s DNA test results indicate that he is a quarter Chow Chow, 1/8 of two other breeds, and half purebred shelter mutt. One of those other eighths was another breed we’re having difficulty seeing in him in terms of appearance, … Continue reading

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… with a curly tail

Since he reached adulthood, we’ve called Gambit a Dobie hound with a curly tail. So, now that a DNA test did not find Doberman as one of the top five potential ancestors of Gambit’s 4 mixed breed great-grandparents, where might … Continue reading

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What kind of dog is Gambit?

The kind that happily crushes his birthday tennis balls in 60 seconds tops. The kind that has long, lanky legs. The kind that has a very thin, short coat except on the back of his neck. The kind with chiseled … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Gambo! At three, you’re supposed to be a real, fully grown up dog and completely through adolescence, right? One and two brought some changes.  Maybe three will mean learning to control that cold nose of yours! Soon, though, … Continue reading

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