Just checking our eyelids for light leaks

The boys had an exhausting day today between swimming and walks.

Due to a number of factors, recently we’ve struggled to exercise them as much as we would like.  Since today was a balmy 84 degrees with low humidity, the dogs had the opportunity to be out and about.

Rusty also rediscovered his calling as an interior decorator, which he forgot about a couple of weeks ago.  He specializes in linens and other bedding.

“I know it looks silly…”

“…but Rusty arranges the comfiest beds.”

“Misbehaving so badly at the beach that Momma made me leave was exhausting…”

“…so did the walk.”

Edwin was absolutely wiped. More on him soon.

Edwin managed to find some light leaks.

Rusty, on the other hand, had difficulty winding down from his hard work.

At least he was cuddling calmly!


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