New things

On Day 1 of Spittoono, Rusty wasn’t entirely sure what to think.  It was a new place with lots of people, a loud sound system, tents, food stands, and more.

His task was to walk around the grounds, but he was more comfortable hanging out near the puppies.

However, he did look quite dashing in the new bandana Crossroads gave him!

Fortunately, Rusty was able to relax a little more on Day 2.  We mostly stayed in or behind the Crossroads tent.  He was willing to give high fives and even smiled!  Rusty was going up to everyone from Crossroads to be petted, although he was still pretty nervous when several people in a row came to see him.

Overall, it was much less nerve-racking than Day 1.  But best of all, he met someone special!


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