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Lap dog

Some lap dogs actually fit in your lap.  Others make your legs fall asleep. Fortunately for Spring, she just barely fits.  She’s not expected to hit 40 lb, so she’ll probably stay that way. Advertisements

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Updates: Moving on, meet and greets, lost and found

I haven’t posted in ages.  We have to move in under 6 weeks to an unknown location, preferably in the Southeastern or Mid-Atlantic regions.  We had to make a decision about renewing our lease back in February.  It expires the … Continue reading

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Little Gremlin’s new home

Over the weekend, I got a few texts from the couple that had wanted to foster Little Gremlin until his owner was found and adopt him if no owner was found. They did end up adopting him and said he … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Snuggling

Eddie is looking for his forever home.  For more information on adopting Edwin, contact Crossroads Animal Hospital.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Doorframe Cuddles

  Sometimes, one of the boys will behave in a way that bothers me and is slow to change, like barking at a bird that apparently lives behind our building or barking at a new neighbor as they walk to … Continue reading

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Happy Gotcha Day, Gambit!

Dear Gambo, Two years and two days ago, we headed to the shelter to get ourselves an early birthday present.  We were finally in a place where we could handle having a dog, and didn’t want to wait until our … Continue reading

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The best and worst part of fostering

Anyone who’s fostered animals probably knows exactly what I mean without reading further. There is one day of fostering that makes a foster parent want to jump for joy and go curl up in a bleary-eyed ball all at once. … Continue reading

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