Recipe for a purebred shelter mutt

This one time, about two months ago, we started to reveal the results of Gambit’s Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA test.  We forgot to finish.  Please excuse us for the forgetfulness! Our Dobie hound has not been confirmed to be a Dobie hound, but the DNA test did indicate that he’s part chow chow and Shepherd.

The last major component of his mix was found to be Weimaraner.  With this one, I can see some potential visible resemblances.  Weimaraners tend to be short coated, lean and lanky.

As for the last half of Gambit’s breed mix, besides White Swiss Shepherd, were Dalmation, Basset Hound, Lhasa Apso, and… Treeing Walker Coonhound.

We’re pretty sure the Treeing Walker Coonhound is a definite.  Despite his lack of gloriously long, floppy ears or the need to bay, our Gambit is so coonie it hurts!


It just goes to show that a dog’s predominant breed may barely present itself in terms of looks, personality and instincts while a more minor breed in the mix may dominate.


And that is what makes a Gambit.  Sure looks like the pedigree of a purebred shelter mutt to me!

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Made in Germany

Gambit’s DNA test results indicate that he is a quarter Chow Chow, 1/8 of two other breeds, and half purebred shelter mutt.

One of those other eighths was another breed we’re having difficulty seeing in him in terms of appearance, personality or instinct:


Meet Abbey, a German Shepherd rescue in the family.  Gambit’s never met Abbey because he doesn’t get to fly to the west coast in a cold, dangerous cargo hold.

Gambit’s DNA test indicates that he is 1/8 German Shepherd, and the top breed in his mixed breed portion is White Swiss Shepherd.

Intriguing.  Do you think Gambit seems like he could be (essentially) a quarter German Shepherd?

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… with a curly tail

Since he reached adulthood, we’ve called Gambit a Dobie hound with a curly tail.

So, now that a DNA test did not find Doberman as one of the top five potential ancestors of Gambit’s 4 mixed breed great-grandparents, where might that tail have come from?

He recently did his best impression:


Do you see it?

The DNA test found Gambit to be 1/4 chow chow!  It was actually his primary breed, so maybe he’s a Chound?

I’m not convinced that’s the only place the tail may have come from, since theirs are folded over and not actually curled!  A lot of people say he must be chow due to his tongue, but all the chow tongues I’ve seen have been blue, not spotted black, and there are actually quite a few breeds that have spotted tongues. Food for thought.

What do you think, does he look like he could be 1/4 chow chow?

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Dobie Hound

Nearly three weeks ago, we finally got the results for Gambit’s DNA test, which we won in a giveaway from Oh My Dog! over the summer.  Unfortunately, life’s been getting in the way and we haven’t had time to share!

It turns out that our purebred shelter mutt is 50% purebred shelter mutt, 1/4 of one purebred, and 1/8 of two additional purebreds.

The big question all along has been, is Gambit really a Dobie hound?

For a long time, we’ve believed that Gambit is part Doberman.  He’s annoyingly brilliant, energetic, affectionate, stubborn, dominant, and a good guard dog. has super long straight legs, deep chest, slim build, tiny paws (Nellie’s must be nearly twice the size of his, and she’s only an inch taller!), a thin coat, well-defined cheekbones, and loathes cold weather.  As an afterthought, he’s also black and tan, but it’s a very light tan with less definite edging at the back of the legs and the chest than on a Doberman.


Oh, and then there’s the fact that we’ve seen him next to an uncropped Dobie before.  Whenever that’s happened, he looks exactly like a smaller version of them with a curly tail.  There is no standard for Doberman tails since they’re typically docked – which means sometimes they are curly like Gam’s.


Pretty uncanny, right?

The DNA markers found by the Widsom Panel 2.0 DNA test indicated that Gambit is not at least 1/8 Doberman.

The DNA test results also list 5 breeds that could potentially make up the “mixed breed” portion.  They do note that it is unlikely that the dog’s mixed breed portion contains all 5 of those breeds, and those are not necessarily the only breeds that make up the mixed breed portion, either.

So what was on that list of 5 potential breeds that make up 50% of Gambit’s DNA?

Once again, not Doberman.

So maybe our Dobie hound isn’t really a Dobie hound!  Then again, genotype and phenotype aren’t the same, so it’s possible that he could be the teensiest bit Doberman yet exhibit a number of Doberman characteristics.

Oh, and then there’s this mind blowing article – recent findings on human DNA that make me question the validity of DNA testing in humans.

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Tummy Trouble Treats

Whenever a dog is sick, I never seem to have any canned pumpkin or sweet potato on hand.  Okay, so we picked up sweet potato once, but it turned out to be in syrup which is a no go.  Last time Gambit was on a bland diet, I finally managed to pick up a can of pumpkin purée.

The problem?

It’s difficult to use up an entire can of pumpkin when your dog is only on a bland diet for a few days.  Not wanting to waste it, I used the leftovers to make these treats for Gambit.


The recipe?  Mix 100% pumpkin puree with equal parts water, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Serve one with a meal or as a treat.  Purebred shelter mutt approved, with great enthusiasm.

Now we will always have treats on hand for tummy troubles – whether it’s nausea or potty problems!

…or at least we will until I decide a few more times that frozen pumpkin treats are perfect for fall.

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What kind of dog is Gambit?

The kind that happily crushes his birthday tennis balls in 60 seconds tops.


The kind that has long, lanky legs.


The kind that has a very thin, short coat except on the back of his neck.


The kind with chiseled cheekbones, relatively short nose, and an extremely expressive face.


The kind with a lean build, deep chest, and curly tail.


The kind who can barely keep his nose off the forest floor long enough for a picture, and who sniffs the air to search for his kibble when we play “find it” at dinner time, even if every single piece of food is easily visible, then ignores half of each newly found food pile because he’s enjoying the game.


The kind with black (not blue!) tongue spots that change from time to time.


The kind that will lay on top of you if you refuse to give him space on the couch, and never ever cuddles face to face.


…and the kind that tells his Momma that he’s still too confused and embarrassed to reveal his DNA test results… but those mini test tube brushes swabs sure were lickable!


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Happy birthday, Gambo!


At three, you’re supposed to be a real, fully grown up dog and completely through adolescence, right?


One and two brought some changes.  Maybe three will mean learning to control that cold nose of yours!


Soon, though, we need to reveal your DNA test results that left us baffled. We’re not quite convinced of results.


Any more guesses about what breeds the birthday boy is according to his DNA test?


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